Oct 10, 2013

Academic visit to STP Indah Water


9.10.2013- we have academic visit at Indah Water Sewerage Treatment Plant Putrajaya. Basically the visit is to expose students on technology that equipped in IWK to treat wastewater.

STP Putrajaya is dsigned to treat 100,000 PE. Process unit that available are sump pump, screen chamber, grit removal, aeration tank, clarifier, and sludge dewatering and drying unit. They also use bioscrubber for odour treatment.

In the STP, basically 3 products will be produced after the treatment which consist of:
1. Effluent - clean water
2. Biosolid - sludge (enapcemar)
3. Gas

But in Japan, they will produce 4 products which another 1 is organic burger. hah so thats mean people in Japan they eat the biosolid as burger! What the hack happening there?? This is what the IWK person told. I'm not sure is it true or not. Maybe he just bluffing me. Huhuhu

So, we gain a lot from the visit. I almost bring back home the biosolid product but since i dont have any plant at home, so i just  leave it. Hahaha.

Fyi, in some of developing country they use wastewater (urine n shit+ water) as ferterlizer like China, Vietnam, Thailand. We mostly import vegetables from there so we might have ate their shit!! Huwahwahwa.. Hopefully they are following guideline of human waste ferterlizer by WHO!

So then, here are some preview of the visit. Last but not least, please pay IWK bill!! Hehe

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