Oct 10, 2013

Environmental Awareness Campaign


4.10.2013 at AMU we had envirnmental awareness campaign with the theme Environmental Sustainabiliy, 4R and Green Initiative. I have been selected as the 2nd director. This event is actually organized by the student affair dpartment. So i'm just d 2ndly jela. Hehe. But it's a good experienced.

So, we had gotong-royong in d morning. We also conduct 2 inventive challeges  which open for students. The 1st category is for green invention. And the 2nd is for recyable invention. In d evening we have a talk on composting by a speaker from PPSPPA. We have fun.. ;-)

Basically d talk explained how to reduce solid waste through composting our food waste. It's found dat, almost 50°/o of solid waste is food waste. Wow.. We have wasted of food dat much! Thus,we have shorten our landfill lifespan. So, The method of composting is adapted from Japan called 'Takakura Method'. The composting method is quit easy but i have no time to write on. hahaha @ malas!

so then, here are snapped of d day. My Way to finish writting. hehe. malas bertengkat2!

Peace yo.

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